take position

Any large or small organization has to take position. Organizations often find it difficult to define in a few words who they are, what they do, for whom, how and especially why. What is your answer?


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purposeful positioning

What is your goal? To start up a business? Respond to a changing environment and market? Introduce a product or service? Or build long-term relationships with internal and external stakeholders on the basis of a good reputation? (Re)positioning is the foundation for building strong brands and reputations. Where do you begin or where do you stand? Check the levels of positioning:


about Aan Z®

Aan Z® is the Dutch wording for ‘turn to move’. Be in charge and stay in charge.

Aan Z®, located in the Brainport Region, helps organizations and its brands in choosing an appropriate market position based on their strength, in the belief that they will be more successful, both internally and externally.


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