your organization and market

Do you want to…

  • start up a new business?
  • respond to a changing market environment in a clever way?
  • reposition due to shrinkage, stagnation or growth?
  • introduce a product or service or enter into a partnership?
  • apply for funding?
  • build a long-term relationship with all internal and external stakeholders on the basis of a good reputation and therefore improve the operating result?
  • implement change processes based on vision and organizational values?


Directional business position

When writing the business plan, the (long term) policy plan, or marketing or change strategy, you run into questions that are related to the business position. This involves a strong analysis of the organization and the market, a guiding vision and choosing how you want and can respond to this as an organization (mission, values ​​and organizational variables).


Business development

What is your market position? What are interesting (new) audiences, markets and market channels and business models? How do you get more out of what you are already able to do and are doing (right)? Do the possibilities still match with the organization and what change or enrichment is (internally) needed to exploit opportunities? In other words, there are many questions to be answered. It can be a pleasant experience to be guided through these questions and join the discussion.


Role of Aan Z®

Aan Z® is happy to take on the guiding role. Through (a) session(s) Aan Z® will help determine the main principles for the strategic blueprint. Aan Z® analyzes, challenges, reflects and helps to make choices and point out pitfalls and opportunities – both internally and externally.


(Re)positioning: for whom

For large and small companies and the self-employed. Please inquire about the options or contact us for an exploratory meeting: